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How to Shop Healthy

healthy produce

Choosing the right foods can be easy.

They call it "shopping the perimeter"; shopping the outside of the store where all the fresh food resides.  Save-A-Lot has many healthy options around the outside of our store including fresh vegetables, fruit, meat, and dairy products.  While there are plenty of healthy options in our aisles, our fresh, high quality meat and produce are especially healthy and delicious.

Here are some shopping tips from our resident experts:

  • Fresh fruits, vegetables, and lean meats are the healthiest options.
  • Choose lean meats such as chicken breasts, fish, turkey, and leans cuts of beef.
  • If you are planning ahead, frozen fruits and vegetables have more health value than canned.
  • Choosing wheat bread instead of white has innumerable health benefits.  White bread and many other snack foods contain empty calories which means you'll have to eat more to get the nutrition your body needs.
  • Choose skim or low fat milk over whole milk.
  • Don't shop when you are hungry, you'll only buy more junk food!
  • Plan meals ahead of time. When you stick to your list, you’ll be able to get in, out, and on your way.
  • Buy in-season produce. Not only will it taste better, it’s cheaper because it doesn’t require as much effort to produce.
  • Stock up on sale items. But remember: If your family won't eat it, don't buy it – no matter what the price!
  • Buy our own brand products. You save 10% to 50% on every shopping trip by making the switch!
  • Skip soda. Choose water. Soda is pricey and loaded with sugar. Crystal2O is available in all of our stores. 
  • Don’t ignore frozen veggies. Wylwood vegetables are picked at the peak of ripeness and then frozen to seal in their nutrients.
  • Shop the perimeter of the store. Fresh produce, meat and dairy all available at Save-A-Lot.
  • Add up your items while shopping. Round each item to the nearest dollar to avoid overspending!
  • Save-A-Lot stores offer up to 40% off compared to conventional grocery stores.
  • Versatile and filling, Kaskey’s offers a variety of soup at a low price.
  • Substitute an item on sale for what was previously on your list.
  • Instead, double a recipe when cooking and freeze for another day.
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