Save-A-Lot Stores

Save-A-Lot’s business plan:


Save-A-Lot is actively and strategically growing its store base to raise customer awareness and strengthen the many benefits that buying in scale offers stores and customers.

As the store base grows, Save-A-Lot is able to advance business processes that increase efficiency and simplify store operations, consolidate purchasing power to lower the cost of goods, and enhance the distribution systems so stores continually have the products their customers demand.

Targeting underserved areas is the hallmark of Save-A-Lot’s growth strategy. The store base is growing in three ways:

  • Recruiting entrepreneurs to become independent licensed owner/operators
  • Converting independent grocery stores
  • Building new corporate stores

In addition to growing in numbers and market share, Save-A-Lot works to increase the sales and profits of existing locations to ensure every Save-A-Lot store keeps up with the times and ahead of the competition.


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