Convert A Store

Acquiring an existing store.

Corporate Stores

Save-A-Lot may on occasion sell existing company owned units to existing or new licensees.  Given that these stores are operating today, we do not issue a summary list of what is available.  If you are qualified as a Save-A-Lot license candidate and have indicated that you would like to buy a store in a specific geographic area, we will determine if we have stores for sale that meet your request.

License Stores

Approximately 70% of Save-A-Lot stores are owned and operated by independent licensed retailers.  From time to time, we will be made aware of potential licensed stores for sale. Save-A-Lot reserves the first option to buy the store. Pricing is set by the seller and negotiations are between the seller and buyer.  The transaction must receive approval by Save-A-Lot prior to closing and buyer must be pre-approved financially and operationally by Save A-Lot prior to any transfer of ownership.

Purchase Price

Purchase price of an existing corporate or license store will vary and is dependent upon a number of factors including sales volume, profitability, occupancy costs, reinvestment or improvement needs, competition and location.  In some cases you will be competing with existing owner/operators and other applicants for existing store opportunities.

Next Steps

To begin the process and to learn more about what stores may be available, please complete the brief questionnaire found under the “request more information” tab.  Once submitted, an area license development representative will contact you to discuss store availability.


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