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Retail Information Systems

Save-A-Lot Retail Information Systems offers a complete turn-key solution for all of the front end, back office and connectivity needs. We leverage the NCR Point of Sale solution along with our Custom Applications and Retailer Services to simplify day-to-day operations and to drive sales in the future.

The NCR Point of Sale (POS) solution is Save-A-Lot’s standard POS configuration. It meets all current payment card industry (PCI) standards while also providing fully integrated payments processing, promotional capabilities and standardized reporting. Software version upgrades are available at no additional charge.

The Save-A-Lot Retail Information Systems also include:

  • High-speed connectivity
  • Intuitive touch screen technology
  • Demographic data capturing
  • Handheld and PC-based product ordering applications
  • Sign and label creation programs
  • Store reports
  • Cashier performance reports
  • Wireless handheld price checking solutions
  • Secure email software
  • Optional support and maintenance program

Services may require a fee.


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