Save-A-Lot Products

Licensed Retail District Managers

Our Licensed Retail District Managers are there to help licensees in the execution of the of the Save-A-Lot program.

A Licensed Retail District Manager can:

  • Share best practices for business improvements
  • Provide owners and employees with counsel, advice and assistance with proper merchandising techniques, pricing and competition price checks
  • Make recommendations and assist with perishable and category resets
  • Review all facets of store perishable operations and counsel owners on maximizing sales
  • Analyze profit and loss statements as they relate to the perishable departments and other categories in the store
  • Initiate new perishable programs and implement merchandise plans that reinforce the Save-A-Lot image
  • Assist with the development of new stores with existing retailers and make recommendations for improving or upgrading facilities
  • Ensure that all retailers adhere to Save-A-Lot operating standards and are in compliance with the license agreement 


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