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Perishable Counselors

At Save-A-Lot, we provide specialists to help your store gain a competitive edge. One of the ways we do that is with Perishable Counselors whose sole purpose is to advise Storeowners, Managers, Department Managers and personnel in all phases of their perishable operations for the purpose of improving sales and profits while adhering to Save-A-Lot guidelines.

This is done by doing several things:

  • Assisting District Managers in settling the Perishable Department
  • Reviewing all facets of store perishable operations and counseling owners in maximizing sales
  • Analyzing profit and loss statements as they relate to profit from perishable departments
  • Initiating new perishable programs into stores
  • Developing and implementing perishable merchandise plans that reinforce the Save-A-Lot image
  • Ensuring the adherence to all contract, guidelines and agreements
  • Completing or contributing to any special projects assigned by the District Manager.


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