And now a word from our retailers.

Check out the online version of “Grocery Entrepreneur” for the latest happenings in the worlds of our independent retailers. “They do all the logistics, negotiate with vendors, analyze what to bring into the market, and we like that. We wanted to start slow, but when we bought the first store, we realized it was just as turnkey as our other operations but on a bigger scale. Once we got our feet wet, within three months we were looking for another opportunity.” Grocery Entrepreneur Magazine
In this Grocery Entrepreneur issue, you will read about how the Save-A-Lot retail program has been instrumental to the success of retailers. Our important outreach and advocacy for minority and women owners and operators also enables us to broaden the market potential for our stores. In New York state, Suzanne Schmitz talks about how she began her career as a Save-A-Lot cashier in 1999 and now owns and operates three Save-A-Lot stores, with plans for more. Grocery Entrepreneur Magazine

Also in Grocery Entrepreneur read about great retailers like the Blevins Family based in Enid, OK. Learn from the successes of these entrepreneurs utilizing the Save-A-Lot licensed retailer program.

“When you're a business owner with an entrepreneurial spirit, the ideal partner is one who can help you grow while giving you the flexibility to tailor your stores to the customers you serve.” -Gerlad Blevins, Enid, OK

Grocery Entrepreneur Magazine


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