A Berry Easy Ice Cream Sundae

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Rinse berries (if using fresh). Remove leaves, stems and core. And give them a course chop. Place berries and orange juice in a small saucepan over medium heat. Gently bring to a boil then lower heat and simmer for 15:00, stirring occasionally to prevent burning. Allow sauce to reduce and thicken. After 10:00, taste and add sugar one tablespoon at a time to reach desired level of sweetness. Puree 1/3 of the sauce in a blender, being careful to vent the steam. Otherwise, hot liquids can splatter and cause a mess. Or worse yet, a burn. Then return puree to the pan, allow to cool. Spoon over big bowls of rich vanilla ice cream. And enjoy this sunny summer treat.


Try it on angel food cake, cheesecake, and Morning Delight TM Buttermilk Waffles and French Toast, too!

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