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1% Chocolate Milk, 128oz 

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1% Chocolate Milk, 128oz
Save-A-Lot's rich 1% Chocolate Milk is a delicious and nutritious treat anytime-at a fraction of the price of competitor's brands!

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We love chocolate milk and are so thankful for the great prices.


At our house we all agree that Sav-a-lot's chococlate milk is the BEST and has the BEST price. Daddy thinks it's yummy too, but he WAITS to long to pour him a glass! Around here, it's usually gone by the 2nd day if it last that long.

tsgeo1, Kansas City, MO

I love this choc. Milk. So does my husband. I drink it from a glass, can't say the same for him though.

bonnielee821, Baldwin, MI

great and smooth

nlmbrm, Waterloo, IL

Very delicious & very chocolatey

nlmbrm, Waterloo, IL