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1% Chocolate Milk, 128oz 

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1% Chocolate Milk, 128oz
Save-A-Lot's rich 1% Chocolate Milk is a delicious and nutritious treat anytime-at a fraction of the price of competitor's brands!

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vinceparisi1, AUBURN, NY

This is some very good chocolate milk. It is better then any of the more expensive name brands.

mom2jwn, East Freedom, PA

This is the best chocolate milk anyone could ever drink. It is smooth and rich with chocolate flavor and it is even fat free. How good can it get?


I have a 93 year old Uncle that drinks chocolate milk everyday. I love him and love the chocolate milk!!! bevlee, NJ


this product is very delicious and everyone in my family loves it

gonzdali, Wildwood Crest, NJ

My children love chocolate milk. Thank you for offering milk at such reasonable prices.

karenkaytaylor7, Palm Bay, FL

love chocolate

im_justa_sweetheart, Willard, OH

I love that a lowfat option of chocolate milk is available at save a lot. This tastes wonderful

Ksorrdeals, Bardstown, KY

we love your chocolate milk

josepha27, Wyoming, MI

My daughter loves this milk and I love that she is getting her vitamin D!

lauren75, Perrineville, NJ

We love chocolate milk and are so thankful for the great prices.


At our house we all agree that Sav-a-lot's chococlate milk is the BEST and has the BEST price. Daddy thinks it's yummy too, but he WAITS to long to pour him a glass! Around here, it's usually gone by the 2nd day if it last that long.

tsgeo1, Kansas City, MO

I love this choc. Milk. So does my husband. I drink it from a glass, can't say the same for him though.

bonnielee821, Baldwin, MI

great and smooth

nlmbrm, Waterloo, IL

Very delicious & very chocolatey

nlmbrm, Waterloo, IL

Very chocolaty and delicious.

jenlschiffer, Bolivar, NY
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