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1% Milk, 64oz 

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1% Milk, 64oz
Save-A-Lot's 1% Milk is a delicious and nutritious beverage-at a fraction of the price of competitor's brands!

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I love this milk! The price and the quality are unbeatable! I only purchase my milk, both non fat and whole at Save Alot!

mkosmows, Alden, NY

Best price for milk in my area, unfortunately the 1% is often out if stock.

ewoody, Brunswick, GA

I thought it was great. I will buy again

alwallace2000, Jasper, GA

I thought it was great. I will buy again

alwallace2000, Jasper, GA

We find the milk at Save A Lot tastes good and is the most reasonable priced in our area!

LoriRuth, Palm Bay, FL

Buying milk at Save-a-Lot always saves me money, and I purchase basic foods here as well.

pattyo8, Invernerss, FL

At least a dollar cheaper than store brands at other stores.

SBP123, Millsboro, DE

great price for the same quality other stores sell for so much more

jennreminder, Clearwater, FL

The milk was under $3 which made driving there just for milk an obvious choice. I highly reccomend going back to check prices frequently bc why should you pay more for milk elsewhere when it tastes the same!

renate, Watauga , TN

This milk is the same price as any other store in town. It is also sold on the same day it expires. Not much saved buying spoiled milk.


Great milk!

pjheath, Kansas City, KS
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