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Power Cycle® 2X Mt Fresh, 78fl oz 

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Power Cycle<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> 2X Mt Fresh, 78fl oz
Give your washer a boost with Power Cycle Mountain Fresh All-Temp 2X Detergent. Concentrated powdered laundry detergent with powerful stain-fighting agents leaves clothes bright & clean with a pleasant mountain-fresh scent. Works with all water temperatures.

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How much detergent am I suppose to use? The directions say: "Fill cap to the 2nd line for regular loads. Use more for heavily soiled loads." Problem is.......there are NO FILL LINES on or in the cap! There are precisely 20 decorative VERTICLE lines inside the cap, but NO HORIZONTAL lines. Again; How am I to acurately measure the detergent???

ProudMomma, Royse City, TX

Great all around laundry detergent, I've had no problems with this, clothes come out clean and fresh.

Puppylove, Swisher, IA
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