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ACT II Act Light 94% Fat Free Butter, 8.6oz 

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ACT II Act Light 94% Fat Free Butter, 8.6oz
Pop up some family fun with ACT II microwave popcorn! ACT II is fun to share with the family and delivers consistently great popcorn at a true value. Featuring classic microwave varieties and great innovative flavors, ACT II has it all. Count on ACT II products for light, fluffy, tasty popcorn every time.
  • Low Fat

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Great popcorn at an affordable price

darlingdivaonlinepageants, Converse, LA

great product and price

warome, cleveland, OH

This popcorn is wonderful for anyone that wants to loose weight. Sometimes I feel guilty eating that fattening extra butter popcorn. But this one is a great late night snack and affordable. I really enjoy coming to sav a lot and finding quality products at great prices. Thank you.

lovemeacb4e, La Vergne, TN

I love this popcorn I pop a bag every night to have as an after dinner snack, I also snack on the product for lunch. I do not feel guilty eating this popcorn it is a popcorn that is holding its on in its market, and at an afford price. I always pick some up when I am in my local Save-a-Lot. This a good snack food to have in the house everyone can enjoy it.

chrysolyte20, Tchula, MS

Good quality.


excellent snack at a great price!

nettieb, Ferdinand, IN

We love Save a Lot because--- WE SAVE A LOT! Quality foods at great prices.

auctime, Lancaster, PA

This reduced fat popcorn taste almost as good as the movie theater popcorn w/o the fat. Great snack when you feel you need a healthier choice

fullmontecarlo, Marietta, OH

great popcorns and it cheap

dannr2006, Portage, MI

I like to buy this popcorn at Save A Lot because it is on sale for $.79 which will save me a lot of money when I want to get it for when I am watching movies.

Afroman231, New Kensington, PA

this is a great late-night snack when the kids are finally asleep and i finally get some me time alone! A hot bag of popcorn and a funny show go very well together!

hhamdan, st. louis, MO
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