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Allergy Relief Tablets, 30ct 

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Allergy Relief Tablets, 30ct
Fight back dust, pollen, and pet hair with Being Well Allergy Relief Tablets. Provides fast relief from standard allergy symptoms.

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These allergy pills are amazing! I've been on them for over a year now and can't say enough. Thank you for providing an affordable option to a very well known name-brand product!!!

nananancy, Westport, KY

A great product for a great price! It works just as well as the name brand allergy medications AND it's non-drowsy! One of my favorite products at Save a Lot is the Being Well Allergy Medication. :)

sabrinamelody, Pawtucket, RI

My boyfriend has allergies..and takes an allergy medicine daily...while shopping at save-a-lot, we noticed these particular allergy pills, and thought for the price, he would try them...they work wonders...we get a new bottle each time we visit!

krwyers, Tuscaloosa, AL

While in East Tn this last fall my husband and I dealt with severe allery symptons. While there we shopped Save a Lot often due to prices, quality and convience of store location. We purchased the store brand allergy relief tabs, they were a fraction of other stores prices and worked as well if not better than the other store or name brand products we've used. If you have seasonal allergies we recommend you save money and get relief by buying this sav a lot product.

Barbb, n Fort Myers, FL
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