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Coburn Farms® American Singles Box, 48oz 

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Coburn Farms<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> American Singles Box, 48oz

Stock up on your favorite cheese with Coburn Farms American Singles Box. Delicious slices of American cheese are great for hot or cold sandwiches and make a satisfying snack.

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I am a big fan of all theCoburn cheeses at Save A Lot. It tastes great alone or added into a casserole. Good price also.

honiebyrd, Richmond, KY

I love this cheese. It's got a great taste and is usually half price of competitor brands.

nikiwest, Largo, FL

Huge fan of this cheese! I always keep it on hand whether it's for cheeseburgers, a baked dish, or just a snack! The price is right and it's awesome :)

Lapis320, Parma, OH

I buy this cheese all the time I try to always have some in the house it tastes great and can be used in many ways. I often eat a slice or two as a snack but anytime I need to cook with cheese these slices are handy as well as tasty!

msamy32, Highland Park, MI

Every bit as good as much higher priced brands at a much more affordable price.

mibellanota, Owensville, MO