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Ginger Evans® Angel Food Cake Mix, 16oz 

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Ginger Evans<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Angel Food Cake Mix, 16oz
Baking's a snap with this Ginger Evans Angel Food Cake Mix. Delicious and easy to make, try it for your next party-or anytime!

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This is one of the best products you can buy,. If you compare to other products this is the best i ever tried.

Derriejack, Yazoo, MS

the only cake that i like is angel food, but it can be pricey to make and doesn't always turn out right. but this is a winner each and every time. i get asked to bring this cake to many family and work events. they think it is homemade. i'll never tell

shirleythomasrn, Owings Mills, MD

I love the Ginger Evans Angel food cake mix. I have tried name brand and other store brands and nothing compares to Ginger Evans Angel food cake mix. I make angel food cake and in the summer add fresh strawberris for topping for healthy dessert.

zoebo, Mt Vernon, KY

I have purchased name brand Angel Food cake mixes in the past and did not get one that compares to this one. The price was cheaper and the quality of the cake was the best I have ever had from a box cake mix. I would highly recommend this cake to anyone. I made another one and took it to work and my fellow co workers thought I had bought it from a bakery.

tjpayne17, Oklahoma City, OK

This is the easiest and tastiest angelfood cake mix! Just add water!! I've found it to be better and more economic than name brands.

ribbot, New Castle, PA