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Ginger Evans® Angel Food Cake Mix, 16oz 

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Ginger Evans<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Angel Food Cake Mix, 16oz
Baking's a snap with this Ginger Evans Angel Food Cake Mix. Delicious and easy to make, try it for your next party-or anytime!

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this product isso light and airy and it is the best product for the price and I love it because it is easy on my diabetes

rschanbacher, York, PA

Angelfood is my husband's favourite birthday cake. He can be very picky and claims to only like my "homemade" Angelfood cakes. Usually he can tell if it's "storebought" but not with Ginger Evans!

Shosha13, Berrien Springs, MI

This cake is very easy and quick to make. I add strawberries and cool whip for a very attractive desert. The price is great for the cake mix, strawberries and cool whip.

ritzebill, Sebring, FL

The best of all Brands!

l-j-taffy, Whittington, IL

I love this cake mix. It's quick and easy to use. Makes a wonderful "light and fluffy" angel food cake.

lnewman64, Mc Kenzie, TN