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Kiggins Apple Bobbers, 12.2oz 

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Kiggins<font class="trade-mark">&trade;</font> Apple Bobbers, 12.2oz
Your kids will come running to the breakfast table for Kiggins Apple Bobbers. Sweet and crunchy cereal with a light apple flavor.

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lucindaSavin, Benson, NC

My Kids love this cereal they call it the Apple Dobbbbers Cereal you know the one I like we only shop at save-a lot for our kids cereal Thank you for your great prices

Catladue, Novi, MI

My son loves it he says it taste just like kelloggs and only a fraction of the cost .

sweethoney, newark, OH

tastes just like Apple jacks

ajsemfam, Jeffersonville, IN

To be honest with you I started shopping at Save-a-Lot during a particularly tight financial period, I was there with my husband and toddler and they were offering coupons for some of the cereal. My husband loves "kiddie" cereal, and he does not like "off brand" cereal. With the coupon I was able to get the Apple Bobbers for $.75! I thought I would use it as a treat in my daughter's diaper bag occasionally. Hubby wanted a snack one night - I reminded him that $$ was very tight and I wasn't able to purchase any "snacks". He then remembered the cereal. I poured him a bowl - he was sold! My husband is no longer a "brand snob". To be further honest with you, I kept coming back to Save-a-Lot for the prices! Great products, great prices! Thanks Save-a-Lot!

irish193o, Pensacola, FL