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Bramley's® Apple Butter, 28oz 

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Bramley's<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Apple Butter, 28oz
Experience the down-home flavor of Bramley's apple butter. Sweet and rich spread is superb on sandwiches or breakfast toast.

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I looked at the label carefully on the Bramley's Apple Butter but i cannot find where it's made, only where it's packaged. Where is this productactually made? Where are the ingredients made and where is it cooked?


Love your Strawberry Preserves the price is just right

Margie3, Clermont, FL

years ago home in pennsylvania i remember we use to get with several families and get out these huge copper kettles and a long stick witha board on the end witha bunch of holes in the end thy would be some peeling apples with an apple peeler machine and crank others coring and some making snitz and allthese went in to the pot and on a fire and sombody would stir with that paddle with the long handle not to get t hot or burned by the fire making the best apple butter in the world i thought not living there and all the old folks gone id hink about the good ole days and the applebutter oozing off the homemade hot bread then one day at save a lot on the shelf i got a jar of bramleys it was so good i close my eyes while im eating it and all the memories come back the shiney kettle the big long stick family and friends making more than applebutter some of the best times ill ever remember!!!!!

ohionutcake, st pete, FL
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