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Morning Delight® Assorted Toaster Pastries, 22oz 

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Morning Delight<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Assorted Toaster Pastries, 22oz

Start off on the right foot with Morning Delight Assorted Toaster Pastries. Sweet and flaky crust with a delicious filling-fresh from your toaster-oven!

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My kids like these better than any other brand!!

kvmanghise, yorktown heights, NY

These are better than Pop-Tarts! They have more flavor and I love how affordable they are! Great for on the go!

tsdaniels09, Fort Myers, FL

These toaster tarts are just as good, if not better than Pop Tarts!

fullojoy_2000, Wilmerding, PA

Are you used to buying the name brands . Theses are just as good as those in the smaller boxes. Looking for affordable and quantity , you'v e got the right product. These are the best . MY kids are POP Tart kids, if they approve its has to be good . Better than the name brand s. Try

cc5ftchastain, Southfield, MI

I prefer these to the Poptarts brand. I feel they have more flavor with the fruit and crust. Love the price more too.

wammy83, Granite CIty, IL