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Bacon, 16oz 

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Bacon, 16oz

Start your day with a hearty breakfast with Farmington Economy Grade Bacon. Crisp & smoky flavor at a price you can afford. Great with eggs, pancakes, or hot cereals!

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I love it taste great with a bun and eggs.

roygie, sanford, FL

I like it on spacial days it has a lot of sodium for me.

roygie, sanford, FL

My family loves this bacon!

krnev, Bridgeport, WV

this bacon is very good for the price, personally I prefer tom and teds but its a bit pricey. for the price the taste of this bacon is a good deal indeed

jcppinky, Dyersburg, TN

I like the taste of this bacon, but it's a little fattier than i like. However, most bacon now a days is really fatty!

MonicaD, Greer, SC