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Cowboy Billy's® Baked Beans, 16oz 

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Cowboy Billy's<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Baked Beans, 16oz

Take the hassle out of home-cooking with Cowboy Billy's Baked Beans. Delicious baked beans cooked in a savory sauce are a perfect side for hot dogs, bratwurst, or sausage.

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these beans are delicious I like them with barbacue and a bun.

roygie, sanford, FL

delicius beans with bacon and sugar and ther soft out of the can i like then wth hotdog bun.

roygie, sanford, FL

So I grabbed a couple cans of the maple baked beans for Memorial day barbque fully expecting to have to almost re flavor the beans. Pleasantly to my surprise I had to only add a very little to make them how I like them.

ishodw, jacksonville, FL

Great beans, would stock up on more of them if I could decipher coded expiration date


Where is the cooking directions at? I know it's not hard to cook beans but I don't want to over cook them.

357Crowbar, Lehigh Acres, FL