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Cowboy Billy's® Baked Beans, 16oz 

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Cowboy Billy's<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Baked Beans, 16oz

Take the hassle out of home-cooking with Cowboy Billy's Baked Beans. Delicious baked beans cooked in a savory sauce are a perfect side for hot dogs, bratwurst, or sausage.

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Damn Good Beans

goodsilver, New boston, OH

flavorful and tangy, good all-around beans

mmcl1961, Port Richey, FL

My husband and I believe the Cowboy Billy beans are the best canned baked beans we have eaten! They surpass the brand names.

PennyLivermore, Princeton, IN

My entire family absolutely loves these beans. My husband is a pretty picky eater so when I bought these I was hesitant. But now he wont eat any other brand. YUMM

princesshm70, Port St Lucie, FL

Very good,,,,,price is right as well ;)

ms_nc_Bo, Brunswick, GA