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Bakon Curlz Dog Treats, 6oz 

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Bakon Curlz Dog Treats, 6oz
Give your pups the flavor they crave at a price you can afford with Bakon Curlz Dog Treats. Irresistible bacon-flavored treats are great for training exercises or just to show your love.

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My dog, Spike, loves these. They are so much cheaper to buy for him than the "name brand" and he loves them and doesn't know the difference. I have tried to buy some other dog treats and he won't eat them. Thanks Sav-a-lot!!!

christmasrose1225, Lakeland, FL

This is one dog treat that my dogs all enjoy. It is less expensive than the competitor's similar brand and it is made the same way. I suggest you try it for your dogs and see for yourself the way your dog's wag their tails with joy will be all the proof you will need.

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