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Bananas, 3lb 

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Bananas, 3lb

Be sure to remember Save-A-Lot's Fresh Produce on your next grocery trip. Fresh Produce varies from store to store, so keep your eyes out for great fresh specials!

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We eat them like crazy. Purchase them every week

PlayGurlParty7, Great Cacapon, WV

Hello, I have been shopping at Save A lot since moving to this area. I have found that the prices and the quality of your fruit and vegetables are better than most grocery stores. I particularly like your bananas as my five children love them we go through three bunches a week. We will some times dip; them in chocolet and freeze them to eat as a desert.

dahayes101, Goose Creek, SC

the bananas at save-a-lot are very high quality. usualy no bruising and not over ripe. the price is outstanding. i love my save-a-lot store.

acrane1975, Lonedell, MO

I like to get banana s at Save a Lot because they usually have a good supply of them and they are a good price.

wagnermartha56, Lyons, IN

The bananas are always fresh!

izzywoo513, Gainesville, FL