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Bananas, 3lb 

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Bananas, 3lb

Be sure to remember Save-A-Lot's Fresh Produce on your next grocery trip. Fresh Produce varies from store to store, so keep your eyes out for great fresh specials!

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We eat them like crazy. Purchase them every week

PlayGurlParty7, Great Cacapon, WV

Hello, I have been shopping at Save A lot since moving to this area. I have found that the prices and the quality of your fruit and vegetables are better than most grocery stores. I particularly like your bananas as my five children love them we go through three bunches a week. We will some times dip; them in chocolet and freeze them to eat as a desert.

dahayes101, Goose Creek, SC

the bananas at save-a-lot are very high quality. usualy no bruising and not over ripe. the price is outstanding. i love my save-a-lot store.

acrane1975, Lonedell, MO

I like to get banana s at Save a Lot because they usually have a good supply of them and they are a good price.

wagnermartha56, Lyons, IN

The bananas are always fresh!

izzywoo513, Gainesville, FL

The fruit is reasonably priced, fresh and delicious.

wilsonrobertaman, Mount Sterling, KY

I always get bannanas here, they are the cheapest and most times better than picked over stores.

fryetlart, Spring Hill, FL

Good bananas and they are always cheap.

asianboy13, portland, OR

The prodcue at SaveaLot is the best anywhere and it is so much cheaper! The bananas are always the perfect color!

lolamarie77, Allentown, NY

Save a Lot can't beat the quality and price of the bananas. Definitely worth the extra drive for quality priced produce.

omahadlr, Fairview Heights, IL



i love them...very fresh!

nauturalchicha, GREER, SC

Save-a-lot always has the best produce at extremely low prices. My son loves bananas so I always make sure I stock up when I go.

stefhindall, Lattimore, NC

Great Prices without sacrifice of quality!!

CrysticMalamute2, Foristell, MO

always fresh and good priced

carriesmoos, Neenah, WI

You always have great banans on hand. Price is awesome. Love save a lot


Fresh and taste great...

corinthians26, Columbus, OH

Unbeatable price for an excellent healthy snack that is also a great source of potassium. My athletic children place bananas on the top of my shopping list each week.

scheek4speech, Rienzi, MS

one of the main reasons I shop at Save a lot is their produce especially the bananas. not only are they cheaper than anywhere else but they are always fresh and firm

sharonasnuthouse, Albany, NY

SaveA Lot has the best price on bananas just 45 cents a pound You cant beat that. No other store carries prices like Save A lot and I love to shop here. It is my all time favorite store.

carrillo5, Aston, PA

Your banana prices can't be beat......GREAT

ckulc, Gobles, MI

allways fresh and taste great!

46biggal, alexander city, AL

great price


great value for them are delicous.

lwmcll, Dayton, OH

I love it when my local Save a Lot has "red label" bananas - bananas that are deemed a bit too ripe and are sold at a much reduced price. I stock up, pop them in the freezer and make delicious banana bread and muffins.

mcworkerbee, Fond du Lac, WI

Every time i have purchased bannanas or any other kind of fruit from your store it is always fresh and at decent price. Keep up the good work!

brigmantonya, Jacksonville, FL

I love Save-A-Lot Bananas! Save-A-Lot has the cheapest price in town on Chiquita bananas and I refuse to buy them anywhere else!!!

shannonstapp1, winter haven, FL

Love Save-A-Lot's bananas - delicious and they DON'T cost an arm-and-a-leg!

linda.blades, Spring Hill, FL

Good price and selection.

rlrst5, Ft Lauderdale, FL

I love getting the bananas. I have a wonderful banana bread recipe that my family loves to eat.

ccnrowe, Cresson, PA

Best bananas. My favorite and I can always count on Save-A-Lot for the best tasting, ripe, green and in-between bananas. I buy ripe for immediate eating, in-between for next eating and then the green ones ripen before I return for another buy. Delicious.

mmarino, West Pittsburg, PA

Bananas at Save A Lot are reasonably priced and very good.

amrich38, St. Charles, MO

I love bananas!!! EVER time I go to SAVE-A-LOT grocery shopping I have got to pick up some bananas. They are ALWAYS just right to eat 1 a day for a least a week. FRESH

sammi, k.c., MO

They are sometimes a little too green for me, but let them sit on counter a few days and they ripen up quckly. You can not beat .39 a lb.

kroman04, Spring Hill, FL

i eat a banana every morning, great way to start the day! Save-a-lot ALWAYS has the best deal on these healthy beauties!

JohnnyBlueEyes, orlando, fl 32805

Sava- A-Lot has always had good quality fresh fruit at extremely reasonable prices.


Bananas were fresh and of great nice to not have to pay so much for good food.

c6923a, St. Cloud, FL

for the price, the banana's are the best of all the food stores

joicie44, Lansing, IL

I love bananas here at Save-A-Lot... They are always fresh (all of the time I visit so far) and cheap too, comparing to other markets... Thanks for the best deal ;)


Dowagica store is selling bananas at 59cents pound instead of 3 lbs. for a Dollar


the reason we shop weekly at the store is the excellent quality and price of the bananas

joesitra, FORT MCCOY, FL

Best priced nanas in my town!!!!

jeriandmike, willard, OH

Great price on bananas. Half of what other grocery stores are charging. WTG Sav-A-Lot.


best price in town.

bajer24, pennsville, NJ

Love the Bananas! I am very much impressed with the quality, size, color, heft and overall appearance of this fruit. The price was excellent as well. I have to buy alot of bananas due to family members need them for dietary needs and the kids love them as well. I am very happy with all the fresh produce that I get here. Thank You!

Kathleen1961, Burlington, NJ

Love the Bananas! I am very much impressed with the quality, size, color, heft and overall appearance of this fruit. The price was excellent as well. I have to buy alot of bananas due to family members need them for dietary needs and the kids love them as well. I am very happy with all the fresh produce that I get here. Thank You!

Kathleen1961, Burlington, NJ

best banana buy in town.. it's an everyday stop for me after tenniws

celticjm, St. Cloud, FL

I love sav-a-lot bananas! at .33 a pound they are much much cheaper than any where else in town. I have three children who love to make smoothies so we go through a pile of bananas! thanks sav a lot for saving me a LOT!

anothercog, palatka, FL

I have a 2 yr old that has so many allergies I stopped counting, he loves bananas and I can always count on getting great bananas from Save A lot. Every time I shop there I get bananas and I am usually there 3-4 times a week.

eilroses, Hampton, VA

The price for bananas at Save-A-Lot is great, and they are always nice ones.


very fresh produce and a very healthy food, too. I eat one every morning in my oatmeal.

nanastheboss, Flintville, TN

what a great price for bananas! Cheaper than Sams Club!

carly, jacksonville, FL

Thanks for always having a great price on this item

t9leman, DeBary, FL

I love buying bananas here because the price is so low! When other stores are asking as much as 70 cents per pound, you guys are giving us more bang for our buck!

heathurber, Albany, OR

They are awesome! My mother-in-law loved Save-A-Lot & took me there. I got many bananas to bake delicious banana bread!

yukinater, Mt Pleasant, SC

Our Save-a-Lot store is brand-new, and I LOVE it! The BANANAS are EXCELLENT quality--I was previously buying bananas at Aldi, and they were either over-ripe, or very green, and they didn't ripen properly. Not one store in my area can beat the price of bananas that Save-a-Lot has. THANK YOU--great store!!!

elaine, New Castle, PA

Always fresh and of the highest quality at an amazing price!

LorraineD770, Kennesaw, GA

Great price for bananas! We love to shop here!


It is amazing that you can sell bananas all the time for such a great price. Great potassium and easy to transport. :)

suebdew, Frostproof, FL

My family loves bananas. We eat them all through the day. I even freezr them in their skin and when solid frozen I put them (chopped) in a blender and blend till it looks like ice cream.Love it.!!! Therefore I buy my bananas at Save-A-Lot because they are fresh and are a really good buy.

yadawna, CAPE CORAL, FL

Best prices in town...nice and fresh also.


I love your prices on Bananas onions and a lot of your fruit and vegetables,

atlaige92, rexford ny, NY

At Save-a-Lot I know I can depend on purchasing fresh bananas at the most consistent, best price in town. This is important to my family because as fitness fanatics, we start every day with a smoothie!

Qwerty, Portland

I often go to Sav a lot for bananas and buy so much more produce as it always looks so good

chinadolls1021, wimauma, FL

Your produce is the only way to go. Fresher and cheaper!

lapbanddiva, Berea, KY

I always get the best bananas here. The price is right and the bananas are always in perfect condition.

sarak, Redford, MI

My kids love fresh fruit especially Bananas. Save-A-Lot has fresh produce at a great prie that fits my budget!

diazfamilyx4, Granite City, IL

I love save-a-lot bananas!! They always have fresh bananas..I buy them at least two a week and they have a great price..Best price in town!!

glyndalittlered, convoy, OH

Mom and I like Chiquita Bananas versus the other brands and I am so lucky that Save-A-Lot carries this brand...they even last longer than the other brands. Thanks

trishkara, Bedford, OH

I always go to Save-A-Lot to get my banana's. They are always fresh, and perfect. They are just as good, if not better than at the larger size grocery stores. And you can't beat the price of $1 for 3lbs!! Thank You Save-A-Lot :)


these bananas are GREAT!...they are a great price & every time I come in to the store, I stock up on them!.. they are Chicqita, how can you go wrong? :)

themelclub, New Hartford, NY
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