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J. Higgs® Barbecue Potato Chips, 10oz 

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J. Higgs<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Barbecue Potato Chips, 10oz

Get the party started with J. Higgs BBQ Potato Chips. Light and crisp texture with rich barbeque flavor!

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Best Chips. They have a great taste :)

KentuckyGurlMelinda, Manchester, KY

These are my Favorite Chips of all time, plus the fact there is no MSG make all the better!!

JasonThompson, Fort Wayne , IN

Always crisp, with a nice BBQ flavor. Sad to see the price go up 30%. I enjoyed them, but not at that price.


These chips r good...taste just as good as the expensive ones.

hotcurvylady1, Tampa, FL

My husband really likes these!

ihope66, Mercer, PA