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Port Side® Battered Fish Fillets, 19.2oz 

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Port Side<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Battered Fish Fillets, 19.2oz
Cast your net for superior savings with Port Side Battered Fish Filets-8-ct. Tender and delicious white fish in a flavorful, crisp batter.

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Bought these to try theem and they are every bit as good and tasty as Morton's Fisherman. Will buy them again.

GrammyPam52, Jackson, MO

the taste is very good however i was promised 8 and only got 7....

jnfrhckr, Stinnett, KY

In comparison to your bigger name brands, we have tried many...we found these battered filets to be tastier, more meatier and by far more superior than most of those out there on the market. A true find worth having...gotta love Save-A-Lot!

purplejuggs65, Wichita, KS

These fish fillets were actually very good the only problem i had was there was suppose to be 8 fillets but i only got 7 i was kinda diassspointed but will by again cause they were very tasty

pookiecol, Detroit, ME

I love these fish sticks and their price.

iamviv, N. Ft Myers, FL

These are excellent. They remind me of some of the restaurant fish fillets. I love the batter they are dipped in. We have these at least once a week.

negibson, Orlando, FL

I have ate the brand of fish for a long time. It is a really good brand.

donnawaterman, Paducah, KY

I've been buying Port Side fish fillets for years and wouldn't change brands. They are as good as Gorton's or Van de Kamps and are MUCH less pricey. I give two thumbs up to this product!.

acoyan, Jackson, OH

Good Value for the price.

smh444, Putnam Valley, NY

best fish i have tasted


My family and I really enjoy these battered fish filets. They are much better than the other store brands and better even than the national brands. And you can't beat the price!

bookwrm66, Ocala, FL

Delicious fish! Easy to prepare and wonderful as a main dish or for making fillet of fish sandwiches!

smiddlecn, Birmingham, AL

Pretty good, but a lot of grease after baking.

Puppylove, Swisher, IA
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