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Kaskey's® Beef Bouillon Cubes, 3.25oz 

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Kaskey's<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Beef Bouillon Cubes, 3.25oz
The wholesome goodness of soup is a ready when you are with these Caskey's Beef Bouillon Cubes. Delicious beef bouillon adds rich flavor to soups and stocks.

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I love Kaskey's bouillon cubes. They add so much flavor to recipes like chicken and dumplings. I also use Kaskey's bouillon cubes to add tons of flavor to my homeade soups. And, the great thing is Kaskey's is so affordable.

candacephilpot, Mayking, KY

I will not buy any other as long as I can get this brand. The taste is better and they desolve so quickly. Great for making anything that calls for chicken broth or beef broth. Love them and the low price

leesgail, Chester, SC

Always looking for alternative options than canned broth (to save space in pantry) and this did the job at half the cost. It mixed well with water, adding great taste to the pot roast in the slow cooker. .

kroman04, Spring Hill, FL

Good product. Readily dissolves and is definitely full-flavor!

stryper7, Chattanooga, TN

great price - cheaper than the name brand and you cant taste the difference!