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Banquet Beef Pot Pie, 7oz 

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Banquet Beef Pot Pie, 7oz

When you want a hearty, delicious meal, look no further than a Banquet Beef Pot Pie. Tender slices of beef with potatoes, carrots, and peas, all in a rich and creamy sauce. Great on a cold winter's night or anytime!

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Great product at a cheaper price. I only buy them at Save-A-Lot

bambi, White, PA

pair this with a salad and it makes a fast and yummy dinner for your family.

kcgavaghan, Gainesville, FL

always a quick ,decent, affordable, and healthy product to enjoy.

trout543, Auburndale, FL

This is a perfect meal for on the go students that need good nutricious meals before their activities.

dakota, Titusville, PA

love banquet products. Glad to see them at a cheaper price

paulapamper, Laurens, SC