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Banquet Beef Pot Pie, 7oz 

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Banquet Beef Pot Pie, 7oz

When you want a hearty, delicious meal, look no further than a Banquet Beef Pot Pie. Tender slices of beef with potatoes, carrots, and peas, all in a rich and creamy sauce. Great on a cold winter's night or anytime!

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I have ate banquet pot pies since I was a little girl, I still buy them for myself and my kids now. They taste great!!

sweokgrl, Haskell, OK

These are great! Even when you microwave them, they remain flaky and tasty. Plus, they are about half the cost of the exact same brand in other groceries. I highly recommend these!

saltwaterhappy, Palatka, FL

My whole family loves these. It's so easy-Just micowave them & I add a salad-Makes a perfect meal! I love the gravy that the vegetables are bathed in.

ptjoyful51, Lebanon, OR

For the money, you cannot beat Banquet's beef pot pie, to me it is the best tasting of all banquets pot pies. the crust is flaky, the filling is good and there is REAL beef in it. It makes a great treat every now and then, because of the calories and salt content you have to be carefull not to eat them everyday. But, they are a good treat now and then and like I said they are a great deal for the money. Thanks to save-a-lot for making them such a great deal! I hope to see more deals like this one from Save-a-lot in the future. Thanks again Save-a-lot and thanks to banquet too for making such a delicious product that it so easy to make and to serve and to serve to my family once in a while like I said earlier

lighthouselady, Tampa, FL

Very tasty. Tasted fresh.

lynn.s.edwards, Grove City, PA


nlholland2003, Robeline, LA

Delicious, easy and a quick meal for when you're short on time. My husband loves these!


My Fiance LOVES these pies. And they are extremely affordable!

nicholekristina, Sedalia, MO

These are a fantastic meal in themselves with the low cost and easy to make my kids and I love them ALOT my freezer is always full of them.

arcanum65, Port Orchard, WA

not bad for the price

Timmybulb, Holly Pond, AL


STASHSTICK, Springfield, MA


STASHSTICK, Springfield, MA

The chicken pot pies are a great weekend lunch or a light dinner with a salad on busy nights. My daughter likes them and I do too.

dlwlaw2003, Bartow, FL

I had a stroke and it's perfect for throwing in the mic and it's soooooo good

snooks1222, Flora, IL

A fast and filling meal for my little one!, Benton, KY

Great product at a cheaper price. I only buy them at Save-A-Lot

bambi, White, PA

pair this with a salad and it makes a fast and yummy dinner for your family.

kcgavaghan, Gainesville, FL

always a quick ,decent, affordable, and healthy product to enjoy.

trout543, Auburndale, FL

This is a perfect meal for on the go students that need good nutricious meals before their activities.

dakota, Titusville, PA

love banquet products. Glad to see them at a cheaper price

paulapamper, Laurens, SC

excellent quality and normally reasonably priced unfortunate however the amount of sodium in the product


What a great food product. The meat was tender and the pie crust flake making it a hearty meal.

pswilliams, st.louis, MO

My kids love these! So easy even an 8 year old can make it!

marcnrachel, Blue Ridge, GA

Great taste, easy to prepare, good value, and very flexable.

t2t4t6, Prichard, AL

My kids enjoy the Banquet Pot pies and your prices are great. I also like the prices of your produce. Thanks to SaveALot we can save money. I also like that you tke coupons

bkavonmom, Buffalo, NY

Be careful of the sodium content, pretty high, if you are concerned about health conditions. Good for an occasional meal, we have them once in awhile.

Puppylove, Swisher, IA

This is the best thing for when you want something filling and affordable


I love these guys. Plus a great price.

wolf4d, Osceola, IN
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