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Rice on the Side Beef Rice Mix, 6.8oz 

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Rice on the Side<font class="trade-mark">&trade;</font> Beef Rice Mix, 6.8oz
Make an easy home-style dinner in minutes with Rice On The Side Beef Rice Mix. Seasoned rice is a flavorful accompaniment to any beef dish. Make it with sautéed beef and vegetables for an easy, one-dish meal!

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I was looking for something easy to make and was searching recipes one day. I then found a recipe that was simple and easy. All it needed was two packs of this great rice on the side and some cooked ground beef added to it. It was amazing. I tried Ingles brand of rice with it, it was alright. But when I cooked with the Save A Lot's brand of beef flavored rice, the taste of seasoning and rice was AMAZING. If you want a great, easy, quick meal that your family will be begging for more, go and get Save A Lot's Rice on The Side beef flavored rice. YUMMMMMM :)

Ridumcowgurl, Liberty, SC
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