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Senora Verde® Beef Tamales, 15oz 

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Senora Verde<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Beef Tamales, 15oz
Turn a supper siesta into a fiesta with Senora Verde Beef Tamales. Tender cornhusk wrappers are filled with a seasoned beef filling. Delicious with refried beans & rice!

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If I could, I would give this item a 0 out of 5. I fryed these tamales thinking I was in for a nice meal but I woke up spraying out of both ends. Food poisoning was running amuck. Stay far away from these vile, soggy, disgusting tamales. Thank you, but no thank you Senora Verde.

lanceorr, Milwaukee, WI

I love these Tamales! You can't compare them to fresh homemade tamales but they have a lot more filling and a better flavor than the Hormel brand. I buy them every time I go. They are perfect with tortilla chips for a quick meal.

smshafer, Greenville, MI
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