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Biscuit Bonz Original Flavor Dog Treats, 26oz 

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Biscuit Bonz Original Flavor Dog Treats, 26oz
Go ahead and spoil your dog a little with these Biscuit Bonz Original Flavor Dog Treats. Tasty treats are perfect for training exercises or just to show you care.

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My lilly loves em

PlayGurlParty7, Great Cacapon, WV

Dog loves them

ibuyjunkcars07, Saint Charles, MO

These Original Flavor Biscuits are the Absolute Best. There is No Corn and No Soy. All the Dogs in my Kennel of 14 just love them. I was told by my Hemet store that they can no longer get the Original flavor only the Variety which my dogs don't like. Hope Save a Lot brings them back.

slay6454, Hemet, CA

I own 4 German Shepherds & they eat these bicuits like they are going out of style. I have to find new hiding places for the box as they will knock them over & eat them all if I leave them out.

jeanette.frazier, Lancaster, TX

You'd think a dog would eat any treat, but not mine. She's particular, and these Biscuit Bonz are one of her favorites! She may be spoiled, but the price is right.

misty6266, West Newton, PA
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