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Allure, Save-A-Lot's exclusive brand of sweeteners, uses sugar substitutes saccharin, sucralose, aspartame to give you that sweet taste you crave, without the calories! Great for flavoring coffee and tea or, baking.

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Allure&trade; Aspartame Sweetener, 100ct Add Allure™ Aspartame Sweetener, 100ct

Allure Aspartame Sweetener, 100ct

Get the sweetness you crave without the guilt with Allure Aspartame Sweetener. Delicious...
Allure Splenda Sweetener, 100ct Add Allure Splenda Sweetener, 100ct

Allure Splenda Sweetener, 100ct

Satisfy your sweet tooth with Allure Splenda Sweetener. Perfect in coffee, tea, or...
Allure&trade; Sugar Substitute, 100ct Add Allure™ Sugar Substitute, 100ct

Allure Sugar Substitute, 100ct

Enjoy all the sweetness of sugar without the calories with Allure Sugar Substitute....
1 - 3 of 3