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Wylwood® Breaded Okra, 16oz 

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Wylwood<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Breaded Okra, 16oz
Have a hearty dinner ready in a flash with Wylwood Breaded Okra. Delicious okra makes a wonderful side dish and is ready to fry.

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I love the breaded okra. Its quick., convenient and tastes very good. And as a bonus its good for me. I"ve also tried the cut okra and breaded it myself Its very good also Now Im looking for ways to include it in more meals although sometimes I just eat ir alone.

reneedor40, Belleville, IL

problem with okra sticking together when fried , the store tends to let frozen items thaw then re-freeze them which makes the okra stick together , this is the case with all bagged frozen items they let them thaw and re-freeze them.

desilu1977, Brunswick, GA

I love fried Okra with onion and it is hard to find breaded Okra but Save-a-lot has it in their freezer section each week. I like shopping at Save-a-lot because they have good pricing.

leastes, Swayzee, IN

I keep these in the trunk of my car- when I go up north for christmas & get stuck in the snow- I just throw a few of these under the wheels & away we go!! Better than triple AAA

billmcgrath808, Leesburg, FL

They are a very good side dish for a meal. It is hard to find this in most stores and we are glad to see that you carry thisproduct.

sdkrupa, Cassadaga, NY