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Broccoli, 8oz 

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Broccoli, 8oz

Be sure to remember Save-A-Lot's Fresh Produce on your next grocery trip. Fresh Produce varies from store to store, so keep your eyes out for great fresh specials!

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I am a vegetarian as a result of becoming quite ill, I researched the effects food has on health. animal and animal by-products, along with processed foods have the most adverse effects. I am so glad to comt to save a lot to be able to afford fresh vegetables, I could not otherwise affrod, being on disability. So, thank you! Sincerely, M. Merrill

iamunlimited1, Chicago, IL

I absolutely love Sav-a-Lot's super fresh produce. The broccoli is a family favorite. Even my one year old loves it. I can't say enough about both the quality and price of their produce. Outstanding!

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