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Banquet Brown & Serve Original Sausage Links, 7oz 

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Banquet Brown & Serve Original Sausage Links, 7oz
Enjoy your favorite breakfast treat without the hassle with these Banquet Original Brown & Serve Sausage Links. Fully-cooked sausage links can be easily prepared on the stovetop or in the microwave.

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Save-a-lot has the best prices for these and my kiddos eat these up! Great tastin'!

hr487, Sparta, TN

oh so good!!!

jeanj851, Deltona, FL

I love these they are great for breakfast or any time

cherie499, Sidney, OH

great taste and price

mbk912, Tamaqua, PA

One of my favorites! Easy for the kids on a busy morning.

jeni2brucie, Bear Creek, AL