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Baked Fresh® Brown & Serve Rolls, 12oz 

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Baked Fresh<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Brown & Serve Rolls, 12oz
Serve up delicious savings with a plate of Baked Fresh Brown & Serve Rolls. These delectable rolls are an easy way to make every dinner an occasion. Bake up fresh from your oven in minutes!

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taste great but so easy to bake just pop them in the oven and before you know it they are ready hot and tastey

sdm, warren, OH

These rolls are delicious!! Every time I serve them my family always asks "Are there more"? They are always at the top of my Save A Lot list!

rheasmom, Mount Jackson, VA

I LOVE these rolls ... they rock ,not only great price but they taste amazing. I love to use these on special occasions and even for everyday meals. Always a crowd pleaser!


These rolls just melt in your mouth & they are super moist.

biggiesmallz8520, Hollywood, FL

Slather butter on rolls right out of the oven. Yum! Awesome.

katbil, pueblo, CO