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Bubba® Cola Blue, 20oz 

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Get all the sparkling cola taste your after at a fraction of the price with Bubba Cola. So cool and refreshing!

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Finally I understand the difference between Blue and Red - thanks, reviewers!


I tried a Bubba Cola Blue - which tastes like Pepsi - and was well please. I am more of a Coke fan, though, so I was disappointed that Bubba Cola Red does not taste like Coke, and generally doesn't taste very good at all. I will buy the blue, though, when I have a taste for Pepsi.


I bought both blue and red and had a dorky taste test with my girlfriend. We were skeptical but we were kind of blown away with how similar they were to their name brand counterparts.


Bubba Cola is always on my grocery list. I enjoy it often and couldn't afford to drink soda if not for the great price of Bubba Cola. It's as good as any other cola and more affordable. I usually get diet.

honiebyrd, Richmond, KY

Bought some on my last trip and my husband thinks it is just as good. Gonna get the diet my next trip.

sixthfoote, Kane, PA

We drink Bubba Diet Cola at our house all the time. We think it's just as good as Diet Coke.

fender.shannon, East Jordan, MI

For years I bought the leading brands of Cola until one day I decided to try Bubba - THAT IS ITHE ONLY BRAND I BUY. Thanks!

alejandroomi, Buffalo, NY
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