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Bubba® Cola Blue, 12can 

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Bubba<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Cola Blue, 12can

Get all the sparkling cola taste you're after at a fraction of the price with Bubba Cola. So cool and refreshing!

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This is good soda like a "cola" at a great price

CandelLife, Cocoa, FL

My family really likes these sodas. It reminds me of Tab. Love the great price!

juliekinworthy, Hanceville, AL

Bubba Cola is absolutely the best soda. I had bought Pepsi forever and spend a ton of money on it until I discovered Bubba. Now this is all i buy and will drink. I give Bubba Cola 12 pk a 100% rating and 5 stars...

bearshunny, Lyons, NY

this is great soda. i think it tastes as good as name brand. i will continue to buy it in the future

sethtiff, Oak Hill, OH

We tried this just to see if it was like Pepsi and it is. And I love Pepsi. The price is much better too.

belinda.puckett, Ravenna, KY

This stuff is absolutely delightful. For less than half of what I'd pay for one of the name brands, I get a pretty reasonable facsimile. Seriously.

melfanie, Verona, PA
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