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Bubba® Diet Cola Blue, 12can 

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Bubba<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Diet Cola Blue, 12can

Get all the sparkling cola taste you're after without the calories with Bubba Diet Cola. So cool and refreshing!

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I bought a 12 pack and it tastes horrible. Almost like it is flat. The can is light blue. I like the Bubba Zero though.


Diet Bubba has a really great taste. I know some people prefer sucralose, but any sweetener that tastes good is fine with me. This Diet Bubba has a good taste. No nasty aftertaste like it used to have. I also like the fact that Diet Bubba has no sodium! Thanks!


tastes just like the brand, but saves a lot on the budget.

sgtshultz42, elyria, OH

We used to only buy diet bubba cola as it was made with sucralose. We had to switch to RC when you switched to aspertaime as we are all allergic to it. A lot of people we know were forced to switch due to this change. We had loved this soda are hope that you go back to sucralose.

collinsbooks, Toluca, IL

love the soda, the diet version! the taste is identical to pepsi and the price is great! I just wish you had a caffeine free version of the diet blue, but I do love this soda!

cvdixon29, Mount Airy, NC