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Banquet Buffalo Chicken Tenders, 12oz 

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Treat your family to a fun and easy meal with these Banquet Buffalo Chicken Tenders. Juicy, breaded chicken patties with a buffalo-flavored sauce in fun, bite-sized portions. Made with white meat chicken.

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Everyone loves them. My mother my daughter and I think their great

PlayGurlParty7, Great Cacapon, WV

these are great for a quick meal,just add some foven fries and a salad

seawitch02, Floral City, FL

we love the buffalo chicken tenders, but we can't find them very often. when I do find them I buy at least 3 bags. I would like to know if they can be made more readily available? Save-a-Lot & Plumbs used to have them but now I'm lucky if I can find them once every 3 or 4 months at either store. Meijers and Walmart don't carry them at all.

chickenlittle, montague, MI
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