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World's Fair® Butter Pecan 1/2 Gal, 64fl oz 

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World's Fair<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Butter Pecan 1/2 Gal, 64fl oz
Experience the world-class flavor of World's Fair Butter Pecan Ice Cream-_-gallon. Creamy vanilla ice cream with hearty pecan pieces. Yum!

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World Fair Butter Pecan Ice Cream is a great price. Just wished it came with more pecans!!!

honiebyrd, Richmond, KY

I really did not much like the World Fair Butter Pecan ice cream. Good price but I thought that they were stingy with the pecans.

honiebyrd, Richmond, KY

We enjoy this ice cream. It is so creamy and just melts in your mouth

tracey.michele, West Liberty, KY

love this! the taste reminds me of my grama!

marinhuertas, Anadarko, OK

So tasty! Doesn't have that "taste" that other non-premium brands sometimes have.

jessica.stadul, Lorain, OH