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Portmann's® Buttermilk Ranch Dressing, 16fl oz 

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Portmann's<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Buttermilk Ranch Dressing, 16fl oz

Create delicious salads with Portmann's Buttermilk Ranch Dressing. Creamy ranch dressing with the tangy flavor of buttermilk is a great way to make ordinary salads extraordinary.

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I am picky about my Ranch. Forget Newman's and Ken's I won't touch it. Normally it's Marzetti's and Hidden Valley, but I got to say, since I discovered how good Portmans is, I save a lot of money!

tigerlily16354, Titusville, PA

This is the best ranch dressing! We like it just as much as Hidden Valley, and it's way cheaper!

cokechic21, Newtown, MO

This is my favorite dressing, my daughter asked me once to Buy Hidden Valley Ranch and so I did and she hated it and said oh Mom lets get that other one from Sav-A-Lot, they have the best Ranch. I said I agree. :)

johnson.cynthia82, Stow, OH

great taste for the price. use this all the time.

kevindail, Shubuta, MS

this dressing is just as good as if not better to hidden valley.

sjohnson347, Holiday, FL

You can try the higher priced brands at the other stores but you will only be wasting your money. It has a great taste and you can't beat the price.

swheeler1975, Athens, TX

This ranch dressing has become my familys new favorite! Great taste and fantastic price!

kass87, Coal Township, PA

This is the absolute best ranch dressing I have ever tasted. Hidden Valley doesn't even come close!


i really like this .. .i use it in my hamburgers etc and they go wild

dlp5658, Bristol, TN

creamy, great tasting. better than hidden valley. super priced!

fleazzar, Dafter, MI

This is definitely the best ranch dressing we have tried! It is creamy and full of flavor. We love it!


We just love your ranch dressing!Anytime is salad time in our home,and we make very elaborate ones at that;and the only ranch dressing we like is sav-a-lots!!!We have gone out of our way for it!Please,don't change a thing in it!Thanks for a wonderfully tasty dressing! M. Bugler

mbugler13, Milwaukee, WI

You want the "BEST" Ranch Dressing in this world? This is it! And let me tell you for the price you can't beat it. I have family members that take my extra bottles home. It really is that good! LOVE IT! Beats Kraft all to heck! Thanks! Love it!!! :) If I could give this 10 stars it would get it and deserves it!

noel1, Wilburton, OK

This is the best ranch dreesing for the money! Compare to Aldi, tastes very close. I bought this dressing when it was 99 cent and with coupon BOGO, it made 50 cent a bottle. Can not beat that!

sulis_dd, Pine City, NY

the best ranch dressing out on the market

ddavisclan4, Clinton, IN

This is my favorite dressing. I have been using it for years. Sure wish I could get the coupon to print!! Keeps telling me I need to make a selection, when I have. Frustration!!

corrina, johannesburg, MI

I have never liked ranch my entire life and i was skeptical when my mom brought this home. but let me say that this is the ONLY ranch i will ever eat. it's *delicious*! i use it for salad, dipping vegetables, on my burger, on potatoes.... i would highly reccomend this dressing. :)

luckygemini521, NY

Absolutely the best ranch salad dressing ever! It's my favorite!


This has been a family favorite for years. We use it on EVERYTHING from salad to pizza to chicken nuggets to french fries and tater tots. It's very creamy with the right blend of spices. And, with SaveALot prices, it's affordable goodness.

Debbieomi, Kalkaska, MI

This has been a staple in our house for years, we love the taste and texture and find many ways to use this in our meals (its good in mashed potatoes too). Great dressings, great prices!

march-gr, Grand Rapids, MI
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