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Buttermilk, 64oz 

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Buttermilk, 64oz
Save-A-Lot's Buttermilk is a delicious and nutritious-and a fraction of the price of competitor's brands!

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it taste the same as any butter with less oils.

roygie, sanford, FL

love the plastic carton, now I can shake it without it spilling.

savealotqueen, Pavilion, NY

Always great taste and the price is much cheaper than other stores.

nikiwest, Largo, FL

im the only one in my house that likes buttermilk so it last a long time even aftre i can use it have used for 2 months for cornbread dont gag its as good asfresh

daswws49, North Charleston, SC

Helps me feel good on these hot days and helps reduce indigestion from taking my medication.

vmathews, Benton, MS