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Buttermilk, 64oz 

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Buttermilk, 64oz
Save-A-Lot's Buttermilk is a delicious and nutritious-and a fraction of the price of competitor's brands!

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Cosmetic makeover of our local store makes things look new again. Glad they decided to not sell so much of the non food items, it is after all, a location selling food stuffs.

caffeehouseemerson, Seymour, IN

we love your buttermilk it is a good price and good quality its the only kind we buy

GDUNCAN, lakeland, FL

My local Save a Lot carries a name brand buttermilk at a super price, so I always make a point of getting my buttermilk at Save a Lot.

mcworkerbee, Fond du Lac, WI

Great for baking and cooking. Used in all reciepes and it is the best.

PattiDeitz, Sparrow Bush, NY

Save-A-Lot buttermilk makes excellent buttermilk pancakes! I can't tell the difference between Save-A-Lot's buttermilk and the name brand buttermilk sold at other stores... until I look at the price tag! Save-A-Lot's buttermilk is about half the price!

FreeCellPenguin, East Aurora, NY