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J. Higgs® Buttery Rounds Snackers, 16oz 

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J. Higgs<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Buttery Rounds Snackers, 16oz
Treat yourself to a satisfying snack with J. Higgs Buttery Rounds Snackers. Rich-tasting crackers are delicious topped with cheese slices, spreads, or salads.

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Better flavor than any name brand round butter cracker. One item I specifically shop for at Save a Lot. Love the taste, quality and price. These crackers are worth the trip to your nearest Save a Lot.

sep335, East Liverpool, OH

These crackers have just the right amount of crisp, salt, & butter flavor.

tia_wallner, Lawrenceburg, TN

These snack crackers are as good as any on the market, but the price is better!

mgrose, Campton, KY

Best butter crackers ever!! Way better than the brand names! We buy them all the time!

cullensheart, Brunswick, ME

These are the BEST little crackers...a fraction of the big name brand and every bit as good. Of course, like everything else at Save-A-Lot, they are always fresh and crisp.

mdavison, Dyersburg, TN