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Kitchen & Cleaning Supplies

Kitchen & Cleaning Supplies

A household can’t run on groceries alone. Save-A-Lot offers cleaning supplies and other cheap household items that keep your home running smoothly. With the incredible savings you’ll find on our discount cleaning products and other household essentials, it’s easier for you to keep your budget and your home in ship-shape, tip-top condition!

It’s no fun to spend hours on laundry or household chores, but it’s at least a little better knowing you didn’t spend more money than you had to. Our brands of discount cleaning products, like Angel Fresh, Brite and Power Cycle, will do the dirty work without costing a pretty penny.

We have cheap household items to keep your kitchen stocked, too. Avoid inconveniences like running out of dish detergent when the sink is full of dishes, or finding out you’re short on kitchen supplies when you’re mid-recipe. From Poly Steel trash bags and aluminum foil, to Ginger Evans baking cups and pans, our store aisles hold everything you need to keep your house feeling like a home.

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Brite&trade; Angle Broom, 1EACH Add Brite™ Angle Broom, 1EACH

Brite Angle Broom, 1EACH

Whisk away dust and dirt with this Brite Angle Broom. Classic angled design makes...
Brite&trade; Citrus Cleaner Refill, 64oz Add Brite™ Citrus Cleaner Refill, 64oz

Brite Citrus Cleaner Refill, 64oz

For a powerful cleaner with a pleasant scent, try Brite Citrus Cleaner Refill. Exceptional...
Brite&trade; Cotton Deck Mop, 1EACH Add Brite™ Cotton Deck Mop, 1EACH

Brite Cotton Deck Mop, 1EACH

Cleaning couldn't be simpler than with this Brite Cotton Deck Mop. Classic cotton...
Brite&trade; Degreaser Multi-Purpose Cleaner, 32oz Add Brite™ Degreaser Multi-Purpose Cleaner, 32oz

Brite Degreaser Multi-Purpose Cleaner, 32oz

Give your house the white-glove treatment with Brite Degreaser Multi-Purpose Cleaner....
Brite&trade; Easy Scrub Soft Cleaner, 14oz Add Brite™ Easy Scrub Soft Cleaner, 14oz

Brite Easy Scrub Soft Cleaner, 14oz

Blast away grime with Brite EZ Scrub Soft Cleaner. Cleans away dirt and stains without...
Brite&trade; Household Cleaning  Wipes, 40ct Add Brite™ Household Cleaning  Wipes, 40ct

Brite Household Cleaning Wipes, 40ct

Get all the cleaning power you need without the hassle with Brite Household Cleaning...
Brite&trade; Latex Gloves, 2ct Add Brite™ Latex Gloves, 2ct

Brite Latex Gloves, 2ct

Protect your hands with these Brite Latex Gloves. Classic design is durable enough...
Brite&trade; Mop & Shine Floor Polish, 16oz Add Brite™ Mop & Shine Floor Polish, 16oz

Brite Mop & Shine Floor Polish, 16oz

Get your floors sparkling clean with Brite Mop & Shine Floor Polish. Cleans and polishes...
Brite&trade; Orange Cleaner, 32oz Add Brite™ Orange Cleaner, 32oz

Brite Orange Cleaner, 32oz

For a powerful cleaner with a pleasant scent, try Brite Orange Cleaner. Convenient...
Brite&trade; Oxy Hard Surface Cleaner Trigger, 32oz Add Brite™ Oxy Hard Surface Cleaner Trigger, 32oz

Brite Oxy Hard Surface Cleaner Trigger, 32oz

Get the cleaning power your house needs with Brite Hard Surface Cleaner. Convenient...
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