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J. Higgs® Cheese Bit Crackers 10 Oz, 10oz 

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J. Higgs<font class="trade-mark">&reg;</font> Cheese Bit Crackers 10 Oz, 10oz
Snack to your heart's content with these J. Higgs Cheese Bit Crackers-10-oz. Flavorful crackers have loads of real cheese taste in every bite.

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Excellent cheese flavor, good crispness, great value. Slightly on the salty side, maybe, bust still great for the price.

NJAgTeacher, Pedricktown, NJ

J. Higgs is not an acquired taste, the cheese to cracker ratio was completely off, I actually found it tasted similar to human feces. Sincerly, Baby Cakes


Great Cheese flavor, wonderful crisp crackers. These snacks crackers offer a wonderful addition to a lunch plate, or a quick snack offering on the fly.

nrthcntrykate, Jefferson, NH

I think this cheese crackers are even better than the national brands. They have just right the blend of cheesy flavor and salt.

wvteach93, Cross Lanes, WV
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